1. 1County Line-121 Band
  2. 2Did It For the Money-Silver Gun
  3. 3Fall Apart-FED
  4. 4Love $ & Death-Little Sisters of the Poor
  5. 5Musical Chairs-Fair To Midland
  6. 6My God You Are -Valley Creek Church
  7. 7Notice My Face-Welcome to Wednesday
  8. 8Policy Of truth- Advent
  9. 9Typ Heyday-Liz Willams
  10. 10Wanting You-North Of Autmn
  11. 11Play Nice-Remminton

    • Our legendary SSL board comes to us from Sheffield Studios where it recorded and mixed gold and platinum records for: Aerosmith, Elton John, Sting, Dave Mathews Band, Cheryl Crow, Blues Traveler, Bruce Springsteen and Primus, to name but just a few.
    • The SSL 4000 series is known for its clean punchy sound. Are you looking for that “National Sound”? If you want your project to be created on the console that 95% of all #1 albums are mixed on, then Empire Sound Studio is your recording studio.


    Combine that with Protools HD and all of the latest popular plugins, and we have a very powerful combination to offer musicians including:

    • Mixing on our World-Class SSL 4000 E/G+ or Neve V3 Console with Pro Tools HD
    • Free CD-R Stereo Master *(extra CD-R masters are $10 each)
    • Master DVD Backups may be purchased for $50 per project
    • Mastering by Derek Taylor at Milo Mastering Studio

    The Legendary sound of a classic NEVE V3 48 channel console is now at Empire Sound Studio! The NEVE V3 series has recorded so many hit records like:

    Motley Crue, THE Who,Queen, Michael Jackson, Haley Reinhart, Slayer, Men at Work, Frank Ocean, Josh Groban, Quincy Jones, Alanis Morissette, Dave Matthews, Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, Shakira, Nas, Keyshia Cole, Rihanna, Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Nine Inch Nails

    In addition to this, we offer a variety of “Mixing Services”. If you’re not happy with your mix from another studio, ESS will fix it! Are you a DIY kind of band and a “friend who thought he knew what he was doing” didn’t know much about home recording after all? Let us give your recording the Pro Mix with the world famous SSL Mixing console with Pro tools HD.

    *Flat rate packages available with mastering included.

    Mix Equipment