Below is a Complete List of Mics:

Vintage Telefunken/Neumann U47 Tube mic
Vintage Neumann U67 Tube mic
Vintage Neumann U47 FET
2 Vintage Neumann U87
Vintage Neumann K140
Neumann U87 AI
Neumann TLM-103 “Large Cap” Cardioid Condensor
Coles 4038 Bi-Directional (“Figure 8″) Ribbon
2 AEA R84 Bi-Directional (“Figure 8″) Ribbons
AEA KU5-A Active ribbon Mic
2 AEA Nuvo R-22 Phantom powered Ribbon Mic
Telefunken M82 Dynamic Mic
Vintage Sennheiser MD 441 Cardioid Dynamic

4 Sennheiser MD 421 Cardioid Dynamics

4 Sennheiser MD e604/504D Drum Cardioids

Sennheiser 906 Dynamic mic

Lewitt DTP 640 REX
1 EV RE-20 Cardioid Dynamic
2 RTT MC-012 “Small Cap” Matched Condensors w/Cardioid, Omni, Hypercardioid Capsules
RTT Lomo M1 “Very Large Cap” Cardioid Condensor
T.H.E. KA-04/ KR-2C Cardioid Capsule
2 T.H.E KP-6M Matched Omni Reference Condensors
2 ADK Matched Vienna “Large Cap” Cardioid Condensors
2 ADK Matched Hamburg “Large Cap” Cardioid Condensors
2 Audix TR-40 Matched Omni Reference Condensors
4 ECM8000 Omni Reference Condensors
2 Vintage Fairchild F-22 “Large Cap” Cardioid Condensors (w/Dan Kennedy Class A mods)
Vintage Sony C-38B “Large Cap” Cardioid Condensor
Sontronics Halo Dynamic
2 Shure SM-7 Cardioid Dynamics
2 Shure SM-81 Cardioid Condensors
8 Shure SM-57 Cardioid Dynamics
Beyer M-300 Cardioid Dynamic
2 Beyer M-201 HyperCardioid Dynamics
Beyer M-260DX Ribbon (w/Stephen Sank 77DX Mod)
1 Vintage AKG D-12E Cardioid Dynamic

AKG D-112 Cardioid Dynamic
Hiel PR-40 Dynamic
AudioTechnica ATM-25 HyperCardioid Dynamic
3 AudioTechnica Pro-25 HyperCardioid Dynamics
Studio Projects T3 “Large Cap” Multi-Pattern Condensor Tube mic
2 Marshall MXL Revelation “Large Cap” Multi Pattern Cardioid Tube Condensor
2 Marshall MXL Genesis “Large Cap”Tube Cardioid Condensor
2 Marshall MXL V67 “Large Cap” Cardioid Condensor
3 Marshall MXL V67G “Large Cap” Cardioid Condensors
Marshall MXL V67i “Large Cap” Cardioid Condensor
4 Marshall MXL 603S “Small Cap” Cardioid Condensors
2 Marshall MXL 606 Cardioid Condensors
2 Marshall MXL V77 “Large Cap” Tube Cardioid Condensor
Marshall MXL Revelation FET “Large Cap” Cardioid Condensor
2 Marshall MXL V69ME “Large Cap” Tube Cardioid Condensor
Marshall MXL 2001 “Large Cap” Cardioid Condensor
Marshall MXL A55 dynamic microphone
2 Marshall MXL V67N “Small cap” Cardioid Condensor

3 Marshall MXL Fox Cardioid Dynamics
Marshall MXL 991 “Small Cap” Cardioid Condensor
2 Sony ECM-270 “Small Cap” Cardioid Condensors
Sony ECM-22 “Small Cap” Cardioid Condensor
4 Niad Small cap Microphones
Realistic 33-2029A Power Horn Megaphone (classic grey unit)


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